Deep Tissue Massage

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Many people around the world use massage therapy for relaxation after a tiring week or extended travel. However, Deep Tissue Massage is especially beneficial for athletes or people who have chronic pain or muscle tension. This type of massage therapy is similar in style to the Swedish massage and targets the inner muscles of the client's body. There are many benefits of the massage technique as the practitioners who use this therapy employ much stronger pressure than a regular massage. Sports medicine practitioners and physical therapists use this type of massage. An hour of Deep Tissue Massage can lower the blood pressure, reduce heart rate and also bring down the stress hormone levels.

One of the main reasons for chronic pain is the inflammation in the body's soft tissue. When the blood flow through the body is increased courtesy of a Deep Tissue Massage, it can combat that inflammation. Clusters of tight tissue will be formed usually, and massage therapists concentrate on loosening them which provides relief to tense muscles. This type of massage also helps in increasing the level of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter associated with the feelings of happiness and pleasure. The session of Deep Tissue Massage starts with the massage therapist focusing on warming and loosening the muscles. Later on, he will concentrate on the deeper muscles and tendons to reduce your chronic pain.

A single session of the massage will target either one section of the body or a certain part which might be causing trouble to the client. The strokes used in the Deep Tissue Massage include kneading, tapping, and circular and elongated movements. The therapist will use their elbows and forearms for applying pressure, and also knuckles and fingertips. It is essential to drink water after the session as it replenishes the body and helps to flush out toxins.

Price: 60, 90 is AED 650, AED 850
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