Four Hands Massage

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AED 1,000 60 min
AED 1,400 90 min
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The four hands massage is a technique which has been borrowed from the Indian Ayurvedic tradition where two massage therapists work on your body using four hands. The two therapists massage your body in a measured synchronization, and this helps to heal and relax you. Both sides of the body can be worked on at the same time using this technique which promotes a high level of rejuvenation. The human mind is not used to so many contact points on the body, and when four hands massage you, the mind gives up control and learns to let go.

This kind of massage therapy uses a combination of techniques which are found in Swedish and Aromatherapy massage. The strokes used in a four hands massage are coupled with slow movements combining harder and deeper flow. This type of massage is perfect for balancing the energy of our body as it directly affects both sides of the brain positively. When both hemispheres of the brain are active, you can be sure to get total relaxation. Once the client's muscles are loose, then the knots can be worked on making the healing process much faster and easier.

The slow and long sweeping movements of the four hands across your body will result in absolute bliss. The tightness of the muscles which cause inflammation and pain is concentrated on by the therapists during this time. When you get comfortable with the four hands moving in unison over your body, you will truly get a chance to let go of your inhibitions. At RUSPA, we have experienced native European massage therapists who are highly skilled at providing a professional massage. If you want the best four hands massage in Dubai, then be sure to visit our massage center in the heart of the city.

Price: 60, 90 is AED 800, AED 1200

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