Six Hands Massage

AED 2 100 60 min
AED 3 100 90 min
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A six hands massage involves three experienced massage therapists who work in a synchronized manner. They reflect each other’s movements to offer clients a more comprehensive treatment. It is a great way to release the stress that accumulates in the body due to our demanding lifestyle. There are several benefits and positive effects of this massage. It includes increased oxygen blood levels, reduced toxins in the muscles, as well as improvised blood circulation. If you want a unique massage experience, the six hands massage is ideal for you. The well-synced movements give you the feeling of experiencing three massage sessions at one time. 

Our professional therapist uses slow and comforting methods combined with firm and deeper movements. They focus on specific problems while ensuring you are completely relaxed. Unlike a regular massage treatment, here you can’t easily gauge the movement of your therapist. Your brain eventually loses track, allowing you to immerse yourself into the experience completely. Once your body is relaxed, your muscles are more pliable. It makes it easier for your therapists to reduce the stress stored in your body’s tissues effectively. This massage requires a particular set of skills, which is available exclusively at our European massage center. Opt for the 60-minute session or the 90-minute session for a longer relaxed treatment.

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