Hot Stone Massage

AED 600 60 min
AED 900 90 min
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The history of Hot Stone Massage can be traced back to over two millennia when the ancient Chinese used heated stones to reduce pain which afflicted organs. The hot stone massage gained popularity in recent years as it is seen as a luxurious or exotic massage. The technique used is quite similar to the Swedish massage, but warmed stones are placed on different parts of the client's body before or after the massage. The therapists usually use smooth river stones which are made of basalt as it contains a large amount of iron and will remain warm throughout the treatment.

There are a variety of physical, emotional and psychological benefits to getting a hot stone massage, and if you have tight muscles, it can be relaxed. When the hot stones come in contact with the body, there will be an increased blood circulation near the point of contact. If you have arthritis, then this type of massage therapy is a great way to alleviate pain. Before the session, the therapist will make sure the stone is sanitized and heat it to the right temperature. After this, these stones will be placed on the spine, hands, arms, neck, chest, abdomen and even feet. Since the process of the massage is difficult to master, there aren't many massage parlors in the city which offer this service.

Life with other massages, the therapist will apply oil to the body for lubrication and to help in deep tissue bodywork. Later on, the client's body will be stroked using large flat stones in a lengthwise fashion. There are many therapeutic benefits to the hot stone massage which include stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief, muscle relaxation, toxin release, mental clarity, and prevention of insomnia. At RUSPA, you can get the most professional hot stone massage in Dubai from therapists who are native European.

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